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Method of Application
1) Unscrew the bottle and shake off the excess surma from the applicator attached to the cap.
2) Place the surma coated applicator on your waterline and gently glide it from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes.
3) Repeat the same for the other eye.
Note ; Wipe the applicator clean and fry after each application. Do not insert moist applicator in the Surma bottle.

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Khojati Surma Sada Aswad is made with 100% pure Asmad (Ithmid) that is treated with rose water. This herbal surma soothes eyes, exhibits an antimicrobial effect, and maintains healthy vision. Its ultra-fine texture and super black effect defines eyes adding just the right amount of glamour.

1) Avoid use after any eye surgery.
2) Do not apply when wearing lenses.
3) Not to be used by child an after the age of 12.


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