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Sim Sim Pain Relief is a Herbal Liniment Massage Cream with Capsicum & Kalaunji. The powerful action of valuable active medicaments bring instant relief from Backache, Knee Pain, Pain in Joints, Stiff Neck, Lower Backache, Muscular Pain, Sprains, Headache and Chest Cold.

  • With Capsicum and Kalaunji
  • Herbal Liniment Massage Cream
  • Also for Chest Cold
  • Brings instant relief from various aches and pains
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Ayurved literally means “VEDA OF LONGEVITY” but because of origin, it is rather termed as “MEDICINE OF GODS”. This science has its roots very deeply embedded in our culture since centuries and has survived until the present day. Khojati Group of Companies, the literal founders of Surma, have been exceptionally instrumental in defining, processing and prescribing ayurveda for eye care in India and abroad.

Over the last two centuries, Khojati has earned an incomparable goodwill by providing the best of Ayurvedic blends to infinite users, who affirm the richness, originality and purity of each Khojati product. Formulated on the ancient principles of Ayurveda, our wide range of Surmas, Kajals, Anjans & Balms have already etched a mark in the domestic market.

We proudly move a step further in deciding a major part of our services to eye-care, by introducing a sister concern, by the name of K-Veda. Its entire focus is on developing new formulations along side promoting a well-established array of brands, which has been serving mankind together in India and abroad. Ensuring ultimate eye care, K-Veda uses the purest ingredient

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